Please join us in supporting the Spiritual Care Department and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles with your generous donation to our Annual Giving Campaign, Angels in Action. On a daily basis, CHLA hospital chaplains provide a listening ear and emotional support to our young patients and their families. They provide a presence when a family has just heard bad news or received a diagnosis. They stay with a family at the end of life and help them sort through difficult medical and ethical decisions. Sometimes, chaplains come in the middle of the night to be with a family in crisis. Visits can be short, and at other times, chaplains can be with families for quite a long time. They meet a wide range of interfaith needs, including providing conversations, prayer, blessings, communion and baptism ceremonies, sacred literature, Shabbat candles, kosher refrigerators, Islamic prayer rugs and so on. On average, a chaplain visits with about 10-12 families a day, which amounts to approximately 4,000 families a year.  The CHLA chaplains do all of this without billing patients or their families. Because of people like you, Angels in Action is able to help fund the needs of the Spiritual Care Department at CHLA.  We thank you in advance on behalf of the CHLA families and chaplains for your generous contribution to Angels in Action.  Without your support none of this would be possible.

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